GROUPE SERIFOS - direction, 2020-06-25

Specialists in RUBBER and SILICONE MOULDING, as well as their OVERMOULDING, we are sending you a new update on the status of operations, always wishing to communicate in detail and as closely as possible:
- In France for CHEVALIER, the activity is in weak progression and remains impacted by the weakness of the automobile activity and also by the weakening of the industrial markets;
- In France for CLERET, business is slightly impacted by the downturn in traditional industrial markets;
- In Romania for ELTEC, activity is slightly down, impacted by the automotive activity and the downturn in industrial markets;
- As a result of the measures taken and our attention, our employees as well as ourselves continue to do well (we hope that this is also the case for you);
- In France next July 14th is a national holiday and is a public holiday; in France and Romania next August 15th is a public holiday;
- If you haven't already done so, ask your usual contacts for all the details of the organisations for August 2020, company by company, with what we can do and what we can't do; detailed support is available;

IMPORTANT REMINDER: In these particular times, the companies CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC are in the same situation as our customers and suppliers. For all of us, "collection" is of great importance.
CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC do their utmost to continue to fulfil their financial and legal contractual obligations and expect their valued customers to do the same ... i.e. to pay the agreed amounts and on the agreed due date.
Consequently, in order to be able to serve you 'tomorrow' in your developments and various requests, we are sorry to inform you that the companies CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC cannot accept any postponement of payments due and/or do not accept any temporary extension of payment deadlines.
We count on your understanding and wish to maintain our fruitful business relationship.
We would like to remind you that our reminder fees for late payment are for a long time 100 Eur per share.

THE SERIFOS GROUP MAINTAINS its formal notification of exceptional, external and constitutive events of the FORCE MAJEURE to its customers (concerns among others all acknowledgements of receipt of orders in portfolio and not delivered, all various operational information, whose terms obviously become null and void).